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1960's Spider-Man Cartoon Episode Guide

First Season  Second Season  Third Season

2nd Season (1968-Aug 30, 1969 on ABC Saturday mornings)

#21 "The Origin of Spiderman"Witness the birth of hero as Peter Parker gets bit by a radiated spider and becomes the wall crawling hero Spiderman.

#22 "King Pinned"
Spiderman faces the King Pin

#23 "Swing City"
A radiation specialist gains dominion over Manhattan's new nuclear power plant and uses a special ray to lift Manhattan into the clouds, and threatens the city to grant him amnesty from arrest or its goodbye city.

#24 "Criminals In the Clouds"
Peter Parker decides to use his powers to play football to compete against the star football player Roy Robinson.

#25 "Menace From the Bottom of the World"
Molemen have submerged banks underground and their leader wants to conquer the surface people. It's up to Spiderman stop them.

#26 "Diamond Dust"
Peter star pitcher in a collegiate baseball game? Spidey stops a rampaging ape at the Zoo and some museum thiefs disguised as apes.

#27 "Spiderman Battles the Molemen"
Spiderman faces Mugs Riley leader of the Molemen again.

#28 Phantom From the Depths of Time
Giant, mechanical beetles controlled by the by the sinister Dr. Manta capture and enslave the peace-loving inhabitants of an island to mine a valuable ore.

#29 "The Evil Sorcerer"
Kotep an ancient Egyptian magician is put into suspended animation until he becomes an exhibit at a New York University.

#30 "Vine"
Spidey goes through a portal to prehistoric times and fights a giant plant.

#31 "Pardo Presents"
A sorcerer with the ability to transform himself into a giant cat with hypnotic eyes lures top New York City citizens and officials to a theatre with the promise of a spectacular show.

#32 "Cloud City of Gold"
Peter Parker becomes an exchange student in South America only to have his airplane crash in the Andes mountains. Its up to Peter as Spiderman to save the planes pilots and passengers by getting them out of the jungle.

#33 "Neptune's Nose Cone"
Jonah Jameson orders Peter Parker and Penny Jones to travel by plane to the Antarctic Ocean.

#34 "Home"
Spiderman meets a girl with powers like his.

#35 "Blotto"
A movie producer is determined to avenge himself upon critics and audiences.

#36 "Thunder Rumble"
Spiderman has to stop a giant alien from robbing the Earth of its gold.

#37 "Spiderman Meets Skyboy"
Dr. Irving Caldwell creates a helmet capable of levitating its wearer. Unfortunately he gets kidnapped by an evil genius.

#38 "Cold Storage"
Spiderman is up against the diamond thief Dr. Cool

#39 "To Cage a Spider"
Spiderman faces 2 robbers with dynamite and gets knocked down a few stories.

Len Carlson as Captain Stacy
Bernard Cowan as Peter Parker
Peg Dixon as Betty Brant
Paul Kligman as J. Jonah Jameson
Paul Soles as Spider-Man

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