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1960's Spider-Man Cartoon Third Season Episode Guide

First Season  Second Season  Third Season

3rd Season (Mar 22, 1970-Sept 6, 1970 on ABC Sunday mornings)

#40 "The Winged Thing" and "Conner's Reptiles" Spidey faces the flying Vulture.

Spidey swings to Florida again to battle a walking, thinking lizard. This time, the lizard is not a transformed Dr. Conner, but a reptile whose intelligence has been augmented in an experiment by Conner gone awry, and who has kidnapped Conner and holds the scientist as captive.

#41 "Trouble With Snow" and "Spiderman Vs. Desperado"
A snowman made with snow contaminated with chemicals from a nearby plant comes to life after getting a jolt of electricity.

Desperado, a cowboy criminal, lassos Spidey and begins a crime wave atop his electronic horse.

#42 "Sky Harbor" and "The Big Brainwasher"
A German Baron attacks New York City with World War I fighter planes.

The Kingpin is brainwashing city officials into doing what he wants.

#43 "The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian" and "Scourge of the Scarf"
A dr creates a invisibility formula and someone uses the moon to render people unconscious even Spiderman.

#44 "Super Swami" and "The Birth of Microman"
Oriental illusionist, seems to make the Brooklyn Bridge disappear. 

Peter unknowingly drops off an evil scientist at his lab.

#45 "Knights Must Fall" and "The Devious Dr. Dumpty"
Spiderman battles a motorcycle-riding knight

Spidey faces Dr. Dumpty a jewel thief.

#46 "Up From Nowhere"
Dr. Atlantian from the lost city of Atlantis is determined to rule the surface dwellers.

#47 "Rollarama"
Rolling Pods from another dimension threaten New York.

Rhino / The Madness of Mysterio" Rhino story contains footage from both previous Rhino episodes. Rhino tries to steal gold to build a statue of himself again.

Mysterio makes Spidey think he has been shrunk and placed inside a miniature amusement park.

#49 "Revolt In the Fifth Dimension"

A dying scientist from the destroyed planet Goth in the deceased
galaxy of Kamosah must land his crippled spaceship on Earth and, before dying, he entrusts Spiderman with a tiny library, including the secrets of a dimension of living thought.

#50 "Specialists and Slaves"
The villain who had once raised the city into the air takes over the city's reactor.

#51 "Down to Earth"
Jonah Jameson orders Peter to fly in an airplane with Daily Bugle pilot Osa Olsen to the North Pole to locate a  bizarre fallen meteor.

#52 "Trip to Tomorrow"
Spidey meets a young runaway who plans on becoming the Caped Protector of Podunk.

Len Carlson as Captain Stacy
Bernard Cowan as Peter Parker
Peg Dixon as Betty Brant
Paul Kligman as J. Jonah Jameson
Paul Soles as Spider-Man

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