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Spiderman-Web.com 1980's Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends 

The Origin of Iceman

Spiderfriends Episode Guide

While helping the other Spider Friends put out a fire, Iceman starts to lose his powers. The Spider Friends go to the science lab of E.S.U. to help Bobby relive his memories to find out why. Using a memory probe Peter and Angelica are able to see Bobby Drake's memories on a large tv screen. They witness the problems Iceman had developing his powers, his problems with parties, joining the X-men and how he almost turned Spiderman into J. Jonah Jameson. Nothing sheds any light on why Bobby is losing his powers.

The Spider Friends run into Video Man, who it turns out was sapping the powers not only from Iceman but also Firestar. Video Man is only defeated after being confronted by video game creatures of his own creation. Afterwards Iceman and Firestar's powers return to normal.

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