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Spiderman-Web.com 1980's Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends 

Along Came Spidey
The Origin of Spiderman

Spiderfriends Episode Guide

While  the Spider Friends are trying to stop the Shocker Aunt May gets hurt and Peter Parker blames himself. Thinking about giving up being Spiderman he tells Iceman and Firestar how he became the Web Slinger. 

Peter was an orphan brought up by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Peter tells the gang about growing up into a A student and playing ball with his Uncle Ben.

Peter thinks back to his childhood when his Uncle Ben was alive.

Being an A student isn't always easy as he tells of his run ins with Flash Thompson.

Peter and Flash Thompson

Flash causes an experiment to blow up on Peter

Luckily Aunt May and Uncle Ben were always on his side and encouraging him

Then that fateful day Peter tells of how at a science exhibit in radioactivity, a small  radioactive spider bit him.

On the way home Peter is almost hit by a car and by sheer instinct he moves, jumping several stories into the air to land on the side of a building of which he sticks to like a spider.

Amazed by his new powers he realizes he not only can climb walls but he also has the proportionate strength of  spider. Peter decides its time to see what he can get out of his new powers. So he decides to try wrestling.

Spiderman is then discovered by an agent and gets into show business. Peter uses his A student science knowledge to create his webshooters. He sews up a costume and so begins the show business career of Spiderman.

Then one day a burglar runs past Spiderman in a hallway after a show. Peter does nothing and when the security guard asks him why he didn't do anything , Peter tells the guard, "Sorry pal that's your job." Spiderman continues his show biz career until one day on the way home, he notices a police car out front. Apparently, there had been a robbery of which causes the death of Uncle Ben. The police officer lets Peter know the burglar is in abandoned warehouse. Spiderman goes after him. To Peter's shock and dismay the crook turns out to be the same one he didn't stop the night before. Thus, Peter Parker learns the hard way that with great power comes great responsiblity.

After hearing Peter's entire story the Spider Friends talk Peter out of quitting and so they confront the Shocker one more time. This time no one is hurt and the shocker is put back behind bars.
Spider Friends Images

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