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Spiderman-Web.com 1980's Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends 

Spiderman: Unmasked
featuring the Sandman

Spiderfriends Episode Guide
After saving some swimmers at the beach from killer sharks, Spiderman is seen changing back into Peter Parker by his old enemy the Sandman. The Sandman threatens to harm Aunt May if Peter becomes Spiderman again. The Spider Friends unable to stop the Sandman without Spiderman come up with a plan. Firestar gets Flash Thompson to dress up as Spiderman for a party that the Sandman is sure to attend. The Sandman shows up to rob the joint and sees Flash Thompson as Spiderman while Peter Parker is in his civilian clothes. Convinced he was wrong about Peter being Spiderman, the Sandman opens the window of opportunity for Peter to once again become Spiderman and help capture the Sandman once and for all.
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