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Spiderman and his Amazing Friends

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1980's Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends


Season 1 (Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends; 1981-82)

(13 Episodes In Season 1)

  1. Triumph Of The Green Goblin
    The Green Goblin wants to turn everyone into goblin monsters
  2. Crime Of All Centuries
    Kraven the Hunter captures Firestar and attempts to unleash a Dinosaur Army.
  3. The Fantastic Mr. Frump
    Dr. Doom loses ultimate power to an old man.
  4. Sunfire
    A Japanese mutant with Firestar's powers runs into the gang and Firestar falls in love.
  5. Swarm
    A strange bee alien invades Earth.
  6. Seven Little Superheroes
    Captain America, Shanna, Sub-Mariner and Dr. Strange vs. the Chameleon.
  7. Videoman
    Electro creates a new villain from an arcade game to undo the Spider-friends.
  8. Prison Plot
    Magneto tries to break his mutant buddies from prison.
  9. Spidey Goes Hollywood
    Spiderman makes a movie and the Hulk pays a visit.
  10. The Vengeance Of Loki
    Thor and the Spider Friends battle Loki.
  11. Knights And Demons
    The Spider Friends team up with the Black Knight
  12. Pawns Of The Kingpin
    The Kingpin controls the mind of Captain America and Iceman
  13. Quest Of The Red Skull
    The Red Skull tries to start WWIII

Season 2 (The Incredible Hulk And The Amazing Spider-Man; 1982-83)

(3 Episodes In Season 2)

  1. The Origin Of The Iceman
    Iceman starts to lose his power and thinks back to his past.
  2. A Firestar Is Born
    While at a X-men reunion Firestar tells her story.
  3. Along Came Spidey
    Aunt May is injured and Spiderman almost quits. While struggling with the decision he tells Iceman and Firestar how he got his powers.

Season 3 (The Amazing Spider-Man And The Incredible Hulk; 1983-84)

(8 Episodes In Season 3)

  1. Spiderman Unmasked!
    The Sandman sees Spiderman changing clothes back to Peter Parker.
  2. The Transylvanian Connection
    The gang fights Dracula.
  3. The Education Of A Superhero
    Meet Videoman the world's newest super hero.
  4. Attack Of The Arachnoid
    Half man half spider attacks the Spider Friends.
  5. The Origin Of The Spider-Friends
    Find out how the Spider Friends met.
  6. Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow
    Peter Parker falls in love with a girl from the future.
  7. The X-Men Adventure
    While the Spider Friends train in the X-men's danger room Firestar's ex-boyfriend attacks.
  8. Mission: Save The Guardstar
    Iceman's sister turns bad and S.H.I.E.L.D shows up.

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