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1999 Spider-Man Unlimited Cartoon Fox Series Episode Guide

Spiderman Unlimited 
The series premiered on Fox Kids on Oct. 2, 1999, but only three of the 13 episodes were shown.  It wasn't until a year later that the whole 13 episodes were shown.

Spiderman Unlimited Cast

Rino Romano as the voice of Peter "Spider-Man" Parker / Goblin
John Payne as the voice of John Jameson
Kimberly Hawthorne as the voice of Karen
Christopher Gaze as the voice of Bromley
Akiko Morison as the voice of Dr. Naoko Yamada-Jones
Rhys Huber as the voice of Shayne Yamada-Jones
Michael Donovan as the voice of Carnage
Brian Drummond as the voice of Venom
Jennifer Hale as the voice of Lady Vermin
David Sobolov as the voice of Lord Tyger
Tasha Simms as the voice of Lady Ursula
Ron Halder as the voice of Sir Ram

1st Season 1999 3 Episodes 2001 Finishes the rest

Worlds Apart (1)
Seeing Venom and Carnage stow away on John Jameson's space shuttle to Counter-Earth, Peter Parker designs a Nano-Tech costume with new features and hijacks a shuttle to go after them. Nick Fury tries to stop him at first, but decides Spiderman is the best candidate to go to Counter-Earth.  First episode features Jonah Jameson and Mary Jane.

 Worlds Apart (2)
Spider-Man is aided by the Human Revolutionaries, freedom fighters led by John Jameson. He learns that Counter-Earth is ruled by Beastials, half human animal people created by the High Evolutionary, who use Machine Men to enforce their laws. When Carnage and Venom, pursuing their own agenda, attack the revolutionaries headquarters.

 Where Evil Nests
Peter gets a new apartment runs into a  new Goblin and gets a job at the Daily Byte. He ends up having to save his landlady's kid from a amoeba creature.

Deadly Choices
Counter-Earth is in danger from Git Hoskins who steals a canister of deadly mutagen. Only Spidey and a group called the Knights can stop him.

 Steel Cold Heart
Spiderman and Shayne the land lady's kid befriend a Machine man named X-51,  who has become sentient and no longer wants to serve the High Evolutionary (that's the bad guy). X-51 is hunted by the Knights of Wundagore and the Human Revolutionaries, who want to exchange him for one of their own held prisoners. Spidey learns that the exchange is a double-cross and prevents it, and X-51 joins the revolutionary forces. 

 Enter the Hunter!
The Hunter, a human mercenary, is hired to hunt down Spider-Man. As bait, the Hunter kidnaps Karen O'Malley, and during the course of this he learns Spidey's secret identity, of which I wouldn't worry about too much since this ain't even Earth. Spider-Man must face the Hunter in his high-tech lair, rescue Karen, and somehow convince him that he's not really Peter Parker. 

 Cry Vulture
Two new bad guys show up Firedrake and Counter-Earth's version of the Vulture.

 Ill Met by Moonlight
The rebels want to put a lethal power plant out of business, and Spider-Man agrees to help. Little does he know that not only will he have to face off against Counter-Earth's Beastial Electro, but also against John Jameson's alter ego, Manwolf, as well! 

Spiderman and the Goblin search for the spaceship that can get him back to Earth.

Family Matters
The deepest consequences of the Beastials' subjugation of the human race are faced by Bromley, one of the most dedicated Counter-Earth rebels, when, in an attempt to free his brother from the High Evolutionary, he agrees to betray Spider-Man. 

 One Is the Loneliest Number
To Keep Eddie Brock from dying Spiderman must reunite him with the symbiote while facing his worst enemy Carnage.

 The Sins of Our Fathers
Karen O'Malley is captured by the High Evolutionary, Spider-Man and the rebels come to her rescue, storming Wundagore Castle and going head to head with the Knights of Wundagore. 

Destiny Unleashed
The High Evolutionary wants to get Spiderman and the Rebels. He attempts to make them give themselves up through means of terror. Meanwhile Venom and Carnage strike and Counter-Earth's future hangs in the balance.