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1999 Spider-Man Unlimited Cartoon Fox Series

Spiderman Unlimited Plot
The series premiered on Fox Kids on Oct. 2, 1999, but only three of the 13 episodes were shown.  It wasn't until a year later that the whole 13 episodes were shown.

This short lived Spidey show came right on the heels of another more successful Spiderman show on Fox. This one takes a bizarre premise for a Spiderman show. Perhaps they wanted to copy Batman Beyond without doing the same Spiderman in the future plot. This would have been a lot better actually. Here 

Spiderman ends up on another Earth called Counter-Earth filled with half human half animals. He's given a new Spider suit  that uses Nano technology.The first episode where he is still on Earth is the best. The Counter-Earth storyline might have been good for a story arc, but not an entire series. It just gets too far away from the traditional Spiderman universe.

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Spiderman Unlimited Wallpaper
spiderman unlimited wallpaper

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