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1999 Spider-Man Unlimited Wallpaper

Wallpaper images from and inspired by the short lived Spiderman Unlimited cartoon series that featured Spiderman wearing a suit with nano technology and trapped on another Earth with half animal and half animal people. The first episode was more like the previous Fox cartoon series with the original costume and familiar characters like Jonah Jameson and Mary Jane, but that quickly changes toward the end of the episode as Spidey takes off to save Jonah Jameson's son on Counter-Earth and to clear his name.

aunt-may.jpg (39321 bytes)
Aunt May and Peter Parker shot from the series intro. The beginning starts out with several shots of early Spiderman and his origin while the Unlimited theme music plays.

intro.jpg (26542 bytes)
Another shot from the intro. The introduction of the show makes you think the series is going to be more of a traditional Spiderman show than it turns out to be.

peter-parker.jpg (32814 bytes)
Peter Parker and the spider.

counter-earth.jpg (55774 bytes)
Here's the Beast men and women.

nick-fury.jpg (57660 bytes)
Nick Fury guest stars on the first episode.

nickfury.jpg (43005 bytes)
Another shot of Fury.

wanted.jpg (39366 bytes)
Jameson offers reward for Spiderman.

spiderman.jpg (35821 bytes)
Spiderman in his original costume.

spidermanunlimited.jpg (41067 bytes)
Spiderman and his new nano tech suit.

spiderman-unlimited.jpg (41824 bytes)
Old and new Spidey suit.